Women Entrepreneurs GIWL Summit 2019

Kanika Gupta Shori, COO and Co-Founder of Square Yards, has been honoured with “Woman Entrepreneur of the Year" award at the Women Empowerment Summit and Great Indian Women Leader (GIWL) Awards 2019.


"Tanuj Shori & Kanika Gupta Shori, the CEO & COO of Square Yards was recently featured in an article in the prestigious journal - Forbes India as a token of the celebration of his unparalleled sense of entrepreneurship amidst the unchartered market of India Real Estate."


"What it takes to become a Successful Entrepreneur" Developing an organization from scratch, her discipline, versatility, leadership qualities, and an exceptional determination along with the spirit and vision, has made Square Yards India’s largest real estate marketplace, catering to the needs of homebuyers and investors across the globe."


"Women with male co-founders don’t necessarily fare better". Real estate and fintech aggregator Square Yards co-founder and chief operating officer (COO) Kanika Gupta Shori set up the company on her own, and realized that the largely male players in the world of real estate were uncomfortable around her."

Financial Express

"Home buyers will be hoping for cheaper loans from banks now, which will have a direct positive effect on the demand for housing. However, the transmission of this rate cut to the home loan seeker via lower lending rates from the banking system may take some time."

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My Journey to the top of the world..

10 December, 2019

As someone rightly said, best things happen often without any planning, just like our adventure packed trip to Finland.. A sucker for thrill & adventure, I could not resist the offer when my friend Shreya asked me to come along and randomly decided to redeem some of my air miles and booked a ticket to go with my girl on a #girlstrip


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19 November, 2019

November 19th, is celebrated as Women’s Entrepreneurship Day; to honor how women are advancing as entrepreneurs and business owners across the world. On this day I would like to discuss the gender pay...

While we try to teach our children all about life,...

14 November, 2019

"Children are the best teachers", I learn from mine everyday as much as I teach them. Just yesterday when we were doing Aarav’s homework, Aarav had to write about an Inequality which he had observed r...

"Change is the only constant thing in the world So...

12 September, 2019

Majority of people who I have spoken to on the subject “Change” are not very fond of this word. If you ask anybody, if they would want to change their current home, without any strong reason to do it,...

Career or Family? You do not have to choose, you h...

04 August, 2019

Women all over the world have always been faced with this eternal dilemma, that whether, after a point in time, should they choose career over their family, or let go of the dreams of having a stable ...

Square Yards is a technology-enabled, global real estate aggregator and India’s largest player for primary residential real estate. It’s subsidiary Square Capital is one of the largest marketplace for secured mortgages in India. Square Yards platform offers an integrated consumer experience & covers the full real-estate journey from search, discovery to research, transactions, home loans and post-sales service – fully integrating buyers to an extensive network of 500+ partner real estate developers, and 90+ banks & NBFCs. Square Yards is led by accomplished professionals, ex-bankers, and Ivy school alumni and is backed by the competence of more than 2500 employees in 30 cities and ten countries.